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I Found a Rabbit

by Nancy Scarry

One day our neighbor came to the door. There was a rabbit in her garden. She knew that we lived with house rabbits. She asked if we had lost one. We had not. All of our rabbits were at home. Who owned the rabbit in her garden?

The rabbit was brown and white. She had large floppy ears. She was not a wild rabbit. We scooped her up and brought her home. She was clean and well fed. She must be lost. We made signs that said, “Lost Rabbit”. We put them up around the neighborhood. We visited all of our neighbors. No one knew the rabbit.

After a week, we took the rabbit to the doctor. The doctor said the she was healthy. We took her home and named her Emma. We introduced Emma to our rabbits Nicky, Nora, and Luke. They all got along. They ran around the house. They played hide and seek. They shared meals. They slept together. Emma found a new home.

This story is mostly about:

  • A0  A. a lost dog who found a new home.
  • B0  B. a lost rabbit who found a new home.
  • C0  C. wild rabbits.
  • D0  D. the house rabbits Nicky and Luke.

Emma is a rabbit. She is not a dog.

She is not a wild rabbit. Wild rabbits are hard to catch. She was easy to catch and had been well cared for.

At the end of the story, how many rabbits lived in the house?

  • A1  A. 9
  • B1  B. 4
  • C1  C. 2
  • D1  D. 1

There are 4 rabbits living in the house at the end of the story. Their names are Nicky, Nora, Luke, and Emma.

Emma has:

  • A2  A. ruby eyes.
  • B2  B. gray and white fur.
  • C2  C. brown and white fur.
  • D2  D. short stubby ears.

The story mentions that Emma has brown and white fur. She has large floppy ears. We do not know the color of her eyes.

You can guess that:

  • A3  A. dogs make great pets.
  • B3  B. rabbits do not like to live with people.
  • C3  C. rabbits do not like to play together.
  • D3  D. the people who live in the house really like rabbits.

When the people living in the house found Emma they had three rabbits. When they could not find Emma’s family they gave her a home. They took her to the doctor to make sure she was healthy. The rabbits were allowed to run and play in the house. The people living in the house probably really like rabbits.

Something to think about:

What would you do if you found a lost rabbit?

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