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Alice the Worker Bee

by Nancy Scarry

Alice is a bee. She is black and yellow. She is a bumblebee. She lives with lots of bees. They live in a nest. The nest is in a hole. It is in the ground.

Each bee has a job. Alice is a small bee. She is a worker bee. She works in the nest. She feeds the young bees. She cleans the nest.

Alice wants to be a big bee. Big bees leave the nest. Big bees fly. Alice really wants to fly. Big bees look for food. They taste flowers. Alice wants to taste flowers. Alice wants to be a big bee.

Alice is a:

  • A0  A. bee.
  • B0  B. bird.
  • C0  C. buttterfly.
  • D0  D. cow.

The story begins by telling us that Alice is a bee.

Alice lives in a:

  • A1  A. zoo.
  • B1  B. tree.
  • C1  C. nest.
  • D1  D. birdhouse.

Alice lives in a nest in the ground.

What kind of bee is Alice?

  • A2  A. Worker.
  • B2  B. Queen.
  • C2  C. Drone.
  • D2  D. King.

Alice is a worker bee.

Alice has many jobs. Some of them are:

  • A3  A. Clean the nest. Feed young bees.
  • B3  B. Look for food. Feed young bees.
  • C3  C. Taste flowers.
  • D3  D. Cook dinner.

Alice works in the nest. She cleans it. She also feeds young bees.

Something to think about:

What do you want to do when you get big?

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