Artic Practice Consonants I

Artic Practice

Consonant Phonemes I

Colorful drawings to hold children’s interest as they practice their good speech. Practice p/b, t/d, k/g, f/v, s/z, and θ/ʒ (th) words in this group.

Artic Practice Consonants II

Artic Practice

Consonant Phonemes II

More consonant practice with sh/zh, ch/j, l/r, m/n/ŋ, hw, and Clusters.

Artic Practice Consonants Vowels

Artic Practice


Practice Vowels + r, single vowels, dipthongs, and /j/ words.

Artic Practice Show Me…

Artic Practice

Show Me…

We see the characters from Artic Practice interacting with others around their house, school, and town. Each scene has a main idea that involves a social situation, people, actions, animals, or food.

Artic IV

Articulation IV

R, S, L, Th

Four of the most common articulation targets are presented in the Initial, Medial, and Final positions and in Consonant Clusters.

Artic I

Articulation I

Consonant Phonemes

Engage your clients with 1,200 colorful photos! The target phonemes are in the initial, medial, and final positions.

Artic II

Articulation II

Consonant Clusters

Practice your good speech with 766 words that have a consonant combination in the initial, medial, or final position.

Artic III

Articulation III

Vowels + R & R Clusters

This exercise provides 572 attention grabbing stimuli for your clients who have difficulty articulating /r/.