Spanish Phonology

Escuchar y Repetir

Spanish Phonology

Speech therapy for your Spanish-speaking clients using a phonological approach to remediating speech that is adapted from the ideas of Hodson and Paden and based on the unique features of the Spanish Phonological System.

Spanish Phonology Show Me…


Show Me… Spanish Phonology

You can practice the sounds from Escuchar y Repetir by having the children “Indicar” (Show Me) the picture—prompted by the words and phrases from the game.

MatchUps Spanish Phonology

¡Buscando Parejas!

Spanish MatchUps!

¡Buscando Parejas! is primarily a fun memory game, but this version was made specifically for Spanish phonology practice. SLPs tell us that they often use it as a reward at the end of a therapy session.

Palabras Básicas

Palabras Básicas

Basic Words for Children

These are basic words learned in early language development. Many photos have a white background to make it easy for children to distinguish figure/ground. The photos and videos feature children’s toys and clothing. The videos have simple backgrounds and feature children as actors.

Wild, Wooly, Wonderful Critters in Spanish

¡Animales Fantásticos!

Wild, Wooly, Wonderful Critters

Parents will find “¡Animales Fantásticos!” to be a fun way to teach children new vocabulary, ask and answer questions, and practice great articulation. Learn about animals from many different habitats: house, farm, forest, ocean, jungle, grasslands, arctic and more!